...LINDA'S  House, located in the Eastern suburbs of Dallas, Texas, in Sunnyvale.

The problem was unfamiliar mud showing upon a wall inside a kitchen cabinet.

It wasn't the usual swarm of termites that most home owners come across in the Spring when they learn they have subterranean termites.

Linda got online and began to educate herself on the beasts attacking her home. Fortunately, she found the IPCO Message Board and was able to research questions and see some answers concerning this pest.  Using the IPCO Map to Members page she was able to locate an IPCO partner in her area that was able to quickly get by and examine her situation.

Larry Fluitt met with Linda, took a look around explained what was found, what might be expected to be found and what would be done to remedy the problem for good! The product of choice for termite work that Arrow uses is TERMIDOR. Since Termidor came out in 2000, Arrow Pest Control has not had one call back on any home that was treated with it.  (Instead of getting in a morning pic Lar might think of getting busy...going to get up to 104 degrees in the shade this day.)  

Mrs Linda B. graciously allowed ARROW PEST CONTROL, out of DeSoto, Texas to use photographs from the day of the work  for the benefit of the IPCO NetworkArrow Pest Control is part of the Rapid Response Team from the IPCO Network. You just can't get any better.

Some of the outside drilling that was done...

Linda's termite job got started at around 8:30 in the morning.... And didn't get completed until after 5:30 in the afternoon.  Nothing is to be done quickly in the Summer Texas heat .  The first pic above is the opposite side where the termite mud was found in the cabinets.  The porch was extended from it's original pour which created a "cold joint" for termites to leave the ground undetected, and at the same time covered over some weep holes that allowed access into the kitchen cabinet area.  Picture two is actually a good example why two different termite jobs on identical styled homes may have different price quotes. The amount of time taken up is figured in and drilling 24 inches of concrete is a slow task!  Pic #3 just shows some of the areas commonly treated with monolithic slabs. The concrete next to the structure is drilled, the soil areas is trenched and rodded.

On the original inspection it was explained to Linda that there was a more than likely chance of finding termites in the dirt of the bath trap under the tub when the wall would be opened up for treatment....and as is usually the case, they were found here too, unknown until now!

I likes when termites makes ya look good....


Linda followed the rules of an informed consumer. She did her own research and had a number of companies submit a work bid for her treatment. We are glad that she gave Arrow Pest Control the opportunity to meet her needs. As time goes by, it is showing that the surest way to remedy a termite problem is by using Termidor.  Termidor is a new termiticide that is gaining  an outstanding reputation for the thorough control of termites.  Any exterminator that has used it , is sure to agree.   In the picture below what was not photographed was the back of the home. The right side and back of the garage was also trenched and treated. Where the garage met the house, there was also a decent sized deck to contend with. The deck was adjoining an area of 18 feet in need of trenching. And the rest of the back, about one half the linear footage of the main home was concrete that had to be drilled. (At least it was no where close to as thick as that front porch area!! )


A welcome sight after a long day... a view thru the back window.

Arrow Pest Control would once again like to thank Linda for allowing us to not only perform the service but allowing the photos to be shown in order to possibly help out others on the Internet who may be in need of not only termite work, but any general pest situation that an IPCO member may be able to help with.

 Will see you in July 2004 for the yearly follow up inspection LINDA!!